Posters for cystic fibrosis charity Rock CF

After completing the original Nike Air Max lungs poster and displaying it on various sites, I was contacted by Emily Schaller, who had seen it and identified strongly with the concept behind the poster.  In her case, running literally did keep her alive. As I read about her story I learned that she suffered from cystic fibrosis.

"In 1982, when Emily Schaller was 18 months old, doctors told her parents she wouldn’t live to turn 18. They discovered she had cystic fibrosis, a disorder that prevents vital organs such as the lungs and pancreas from functioning properly. Doctors predicted that Schaller would struggle to breathe and to gain weight — that she’d be sickly and weak."

Runners World

She started running, and to the shock of her doctors, her condition began to improve dramatically. As she grew up, she became more and more active and began fundraising for sufferers of cystic fibrosis, eventually starting her own charitable organisation; Rock CF.

To whom does this poster appeal to more than Emily?


Rock CF




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