Illustrative displays for Sipsmith × Wimbledon Partnership

To celebrate the perfect partnership between Sipsmith and Wimbledon and their shared story and passion for uncompromising craft, I was tasked to create some smithery themed wall frames. The story of each frame focuses on smithery from both Sipsmith and Wimbledon and elevates both brands.

Each frame is produced using several layers to create depth and draw the viewer’s eye towards the central area of focus.

Illustrations created using Sipsmith’s visual language

Framed in the centre is the 1926 Wimbledon programme. The surrounding illustration shows the range of Sipmsith bottle designs and their featured flavours.

To capture the very essence of the Championship, Sipsmith Strawberry Smash Gin is distilled with real Wimbledon strawberries from Hugh Lowe Farms.

Mr Swan is accompanied by Rufus the Harris Hawk who keeps the championship tennis courts pigeon free.

There is no room for compromise when it comes to the upkeep of certain Wimbledon traditions, such as the exact length of the lawns. The team of 28 groundskeepers ensure that the court grass is a precise 8mm high using an array of tools from lawnmowers to hand held scissors.

Sipsmith founder, Sam Galsworthy succeeded in getting the Gin Act 1751 repealed so gin could once again be made in small batches. Some rules are there to be broken…

Initial designs that did not go ahead

Installation showing strawberries falling in to a bottle of strawberry smash gin.

Surrounding frame composed of items taken from the TV advert, but with a tennis theme.

Mr Swan puppet with Rufus on his arm, taken from the new TV advert. Surrounding frame made from swan and hawk feathers.

A piece of turf with short grass is framed centrally. Sitting on top are the groundsman’s scissors. Surrounding the frame are blades of grass fanning out from the edges.

Framed gin law document centre with copper stills and piping surrounding.