Orijinal pattern

A custom design, inspired by an Ankara pattern, for African herbal drink Orijin. Patterns play part big role in African art and fashion so I created an Orijinal Ankara print that leveraged key brand assets, to be used from out-of-home, to in bar in a unique way.

Orijin is seen as the original pioneer that premiumised traditional African herbs and made it an acceptable and more mainstream drink in the modern world. The brand has grown rapidly over the last couple of years across the African continent and the task was to re-establish Orijin as the most credible, authentic and distinctive herbal and fruit drink that is rooted in African culture. From behind the bar, out of home, radio and TV we wanted to make sure that Orijin was at the forefront of people’s lives and had relevance to it’s target audience.

Making Orijinal Ankara pattern.






Campaign, Illustration