VitaminWater, the look for the Shinebright studio at Brick Lane

Based at Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery, the Shinebright studio pop up space offered young creatives a range of exclusive opportunities to work with and be inspired by some of the biggest names in the entertainment and creative industries with the aim of nurturing young British creative talent.

To bring this studio to life a strong creative solution was needed to pull all touch points together, from online and video, to print and the space itself. Taking into consideration Vitamin Water’s strong existing visual identity, we looked to evolve this into an execution that celebrated and inspired while retaining these iconic assets at the heart. The solution was confetti.

The studio hosted a series of exhibitions, showcasing collections centred around art and fashion alongside one off mentoring sessions from industry renowned figures. The Studio also offered one lucky creative the chance to exhibit their work for the final week, as well as picking another individual to win a place on the School For Creative Start-Up’s nine-month training and support programme.


Vitamin Water


Leo Burnett


Branding, Digital, Logo


IPM Awards 2015; Bronze in Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Silver in in Stand ​Alone ​Experiential Activation