Identity for a London-based trap artist The Ninetys

The Ninetys is a music producer from South London. The style of his music mostly applies to genres such as trap, dubstep, house and other electronic music. I was commissioned to create a fresh, urban image for his brand. The concept is 90°.

The idea behind that is to show graphic elements in a way where angles are at 90 degrees. This could be visualised as a triangle or as crossed lines with an angle of 90 degrees.
Branded merchandise is presented in wide variety of things from headphones to t-shirts
Both the sign and the ornament are being used in conjunction to decorate these colourful paper wristbands
The only trap artist with design identity.

In 2013

The main asset for the brand is the bust which is used across most of the designs
The Ninetys brand uses lots of various assets including shapes, colours and typefaces, they all are documented in brief guidelines
Here is an example of how coloured ornaments can be stitched onto an already branded polo shirt
Brand ornaments can also be used in the printing of merchandise. Graphic ornaments have no particular rules when it comes to application. That could be tattooed onto the body, or spray-painted onto existing graffiti


The Ninetys


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