Celebrating “Tusker’s 100 Years” with a new visual language

Tusker is turning 100 – a massive milestone that needed a 360° world-class centenary campaign to make it the most loved and most iconic brand in Kenya. This campaign was not just a celebration of Tusker’s last 100 years, but also a toast to the next 100!

Tusker’s 100 campaign is full of energy and positivity, raising a glass to the last and the next 100 years. It brings together celebratory lock-ups, bold handwriting, dynamic illustrations and at the heart of everything, people.

Inspired by Tusker’s typography, I used brush handwriting as a bold graphic element. The campaign celebrates the Kenyan spirit and this element adds a bold human touch, demonstrating a confident language in our KVs.

Influenced by the larger brand world, but wanting to create a campaign specific lock-up, I designed a graphic and dynamic device, emphasising the energy of the campaign – that of Kenyan spirit. It incorporates the Tusker sub-font with a new, distinctive ‘100’ campaign name.

Tusker photography is always positive, energetic, fun, vibrant and youthful with a free and spontaneous style.






Branding, Campaign, Illustration, Lettering