Benson & Hedges Gold guidelines

Benson & Hedges decided that it was time to change some things. They requested us to re-design guidelines for the Gold brand, including their barrel logo and limited edition packs. Thanks to great teamwork; designing – redesigning, writing – rewriting, thinking – rethinking, producing – reproducing it all took time and after a little more than a year, the new guidelines finally saw the light.


Whilst a man is defined by his actions, everything from the car he drives to the clothes he wears is a further signifier of his tastes, status and style, each accessory a mark of his distinction. We inspire our audience by reinventing the classic B&H crest to capture his influences and aspirations, past and present. Depict the traditional and contemporary cultural beacons and aspirations of the more distinguished gentleman. The initial idea was to show visuals divided in two parts, representing both past and present.

March 2013