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Electro Reede

Poster for Sputnik Cafe

Electro Reede (engl. Electro Friday) is a small Sputnik Cafe event. The idea behind the visual was to show batteries that reperesent electronics and integrate them into the banana. Well why not.


Limited Edition Movie Poster

Bruce Robertson is a Machiavellian, intensely misanthropic man who spends his time indulging in cocaine and alcohol abuse, sexually abusive relationships, compulsive gorging on junk food and the games. All that leads him to drug addiction, bipolar disorder as well as having a tapeworm grow in his intestines. So the idea was to illustrate the word 'Filth' using the tapeworm.


Posters for Sputnik-7: Plug In! event

The idea for this even was to invite three bands from Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Tallinn. My idea was to show abbreviation of the names of these cities.

Latvian Invasion

Poster for Sputnik Cafe event

Unlike Sputnik events Sputnik Cafe is much smaller, this includes small number of bands and their performance time. My initial idea was to show hand holding tiny Sputnik, which reflects the idea of invasion and small.

Jazzed & Confused

Posters for Sputnik-6

Sputnik is getting jazzed! Inspired by the Led Zeppelin song 'Dazed and Confused', the concept for this visual was to display the title intertwined within the pipe of the trumpet.

The Ninetys

Brand Identity

The Ninetys is a music producer from South London. The style of his music mostly applies to genres such as trap, dubstep, house and other electronic music. I was comissioned to create a fresh, urban image for his brand. The concept is 90 degrees. The idea behind that is to show graphic elements in a way where angles are at 90 degrees. The idea could be visualised as a triangle or as crossed lines with an angle of 90 degrees. The main asset for the brand are ornaments which are used across most of the designs.

Wishing You a Happy New Year from Beyond the Stars

Seasonal Greeting for Sputnik

My initial idea was to design a greeting card that visualised the opening of a champagne bottle, with the cork shooting upwards, with champagne bubbles overflowing. However, the detail i wanted to show couldn't be viewed with the maximum effect that I had imagined at greeting card size, so I decided to design it as a poster instead. With this larger size, I was able to fully illustrate the detail with the lettering and textures etc. To keep in the festive spirit, I used cream, gold and navy blue colours to compliment the vintage lettering look, along with the swirly motifs.

Не по адресу

Christmas poster for improvisation show

Не по адресу (Ne po adresu, english: Wrong address), is a comedy improvisational show. This was christmas release of the show so the concept was to show sets of keys are forming into the snowflake.

ПЛУГ 3rd Anniversary

Posters for Sputnik-5 event

Sputnik is celebrating ПЛУГ's 3rd anniversary. The primary poster idea was to show the right perspective where the light hits the cake and it drops the sputnik shape shadow. Secondary poster had to reflect festive celebrational mood by showing the sputnik-shaped balloon.

Pussy Riot Appeal

Protest posters and merchandise for The Drum magazine

There are many theories out there debating why the members of the Pussy Riot punk band were imprisoned. I would like to focus on a particular view that their performance within the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was regarded as hooliganism, the punishment of which was a prison sentence. The idea behind these posters is to ask why was their music treated as a crime.

Concept: Music is not a crime. End line: When did Punk Rock become a prison sentence?

Past & Present

Typography set for Benson & Hedges Gold

Whilst a man is defined by his actions, everything from the car he drives to the clothes he wears is a further signifier of his tastes, status and style, each accessory a mark of his distinction. We inspire our audience by reinventing the classic B&H crest to capture his influences and aspirations, past and present. Depict the traditional and contemporary cultural beacons and aspirations of the more distinguished gentleman. Two letter sets were designed for this project, distinguishing the differences between past and present.

Concept: Music is not a crime. End line: When did Punk Rock become a prison sentence?

They Keep You Alive

Poster for Nike Air Max

The idea behind this visual was inspired by the name and the trainers. The concept was to show the trainers in the shape of a pair of lungs to symbolise the breathing of oxygen, as the essence of the trainer was it's lightness. The end line, They Keep You Alive, plays on the notion that the trainers are vital to you, as air is to your lungs, therefore keeping you alive in all sense of the word.

Into The Green

Posters for Sputnik-4 Open Air

This time it is a open air event. Sputnik is getting out of the basement into the nature with funky, indie, jazz and techno music.

Wimbledon Final Party

Posters for the event

Wimbledon tennis cup is getting to the final and the big celebration party is scheduled. Group of people requested A3 poster to be put in the bars. Gold, champagne and tennis.

Word Wide World

Posters for Sputnik-3 event

This time Sputnik went for more dramatic theme. I was asked to design poster for the event dedicated to music and poetry. Not much to say really :)

Talented Poor People

Mixtape cover for Mic Supreme

This cover is made out of £5 notes previously modeled to the nearest millimeter using the approximate grid stystem. Concept was to show the small money value where cash can be created by poor but talented people. Cash notes were printed on 100 gsm paper and mounted onto 76x76cm foam board. Use Aurasma app to see album promo.

Girls Wanna Have Fun

Posters for Sputnik-2 event

Idea was to create two posters based on the song of Cyndi Lauper "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" using retro pin up style. Concept was to show girls are about to have fun.

Pancake Play

Assets for Lyle's Golden Syrup

The client required nice looking customer pack for the Pancake Day celebration. Pack should include brochure, flip chart, shapes for cooking, stickers and all that put into nice designed box. My task was to turn the concept into fine looking visuals.

Made by Brave

We Pick You Mix

Advertising for Westcoast Distribution

This poster was designed for the Westcoast Distribution aimed to sell more of their products to the cash and carry retail shop owners. The idea is that Westcoast specialists know what is better for the users whether that is home, student or business user. So the concept was "Pick and mix sweets" - we pick you mix.

Project by Billington Cartmell

Rain, Clouds And Sunshine

Mixtape cover for Jae Pryce

The cover design is based on the artit's three different moods which change periodically. Actual cover is printed on 250gsm matt paper and heat sealed and sticked together by hand.

Black Apple

New York guide book, student project

Black Apple is a book about what I saw and what I learned in New York. It may sound stupid and perhaps useless to some, but hopefully it will give you another perspective to see the city from, as opposed to running around, nose buried in a tourist's guide in search of nearby attractions.


Smartphone application for Subway, student project

The task was to design the application that marketed the fast-food chain. I have selected to design the interface for the Subway stores. Application was supposed to make sandwich order easier.


Brand identity, student project

After gathering information from surveys completed by people who know me and information on how people perceive me I concluded that my 'shape' would be that of a chestnut. For this prickly project I had to create the Brand Book, the manual for the chestnut identity, the rules and how to apply the branding, the ideal method to consume the chestnuts and which were the best wines to drink while eating the chestnut that would chance and compliment the identity as a meal.


Infographics for the Final Major Project, student work

The Pointer is a perspective, a point of view. It helps to direct as well as entertain people within a particular environment. The Pointer is the concept that was born out of this perception. This diagram shows the work process and the factors that would not let me finish the job.

Final Inspection

Posters for 2plus3 Design Show, student project

This advertisement has been created to promote our final degree show that took place in London in 2011. The concept is based on the metaphoric act of checking a fruit to see if it is ready to consume or not. As young designers this show was to build a bridge between industry and school. Professionals came and checked if we were mature enought to employ us or not.

Set It Free

Campaign for London Fetish Weekend, student project

'Explore yourself' was tagline for this festival. With exhibitionist and saucy undertones in line with the festival's tone of voice, the concept was to free yourself and indulge in your naughty fetishes.

Beats, Rhymes And Life

Mixtape cover for Jae Pryce

Jae Pryce asked to design a cover which tells the story about him. Initially artist wanted the cover that reflects his experience and knowledge. The cover design concept is based on the metaphor "The experience is written on the face".

One Hundred Years Of Solitude

Book cover for Penguin Book Design Awards, student project

The task was to illustrate the richness of the author's words via visualizing the story using the roots of a growing tree as a metaphor to representing the families of the story, and the development of the generations. Toward the end, the tree withers and the branches take the form of the child which concludes the family's legacy. The dying roots take the form of death in their intertwined state.

Durex Moi

Brand identity, student project

For this project we were required to chose an existing brand, in this case Durex, and create a brand extension for it. The extension was a range of hygienic cleansing wipes, intended for the intimate areas for use before and after sex. This project consisted of a group of 5 people. My task within this group was to visualize the concept.

Heart Attack

Tv identity for Channel 4, student project

In this project I was required to create and design a new identity for Channel 4 based on the type of programs that were broadcast. In my case, my indent was to advertise medical documentaries and medical drama series.

In My Own World

Mixtape cover for Mic Supreme

Mic Supreme is an MC from South London who raps about his life and boasts of his attention from women and his abundance of charm and sweet things. An artist was required to illustrate the story of his personal world. The concept of his cover is that he is in his own world, which has notepad, pencil, mic and speaker.

Minute Of Inattention

Comic book, student project

The third part of the project was to amalgamate the previous two parts into a comic book. Through-out this procedure, I solidified my knowledge of Photoshop as I was required to redesign all elements of the characters and environment.


Short film, student project

The task was to make an approach to the inner state. This was my first movie attempt at the first year in university.

Minute Of Inattention

Animation, student project

In the second part of the brief, we had the chance to add color to our initial black and white stop motion animation, add special effects and sounds using digital software and extend it up to one minute long.

Body Soap

Packaging for Body Shop, student project

The concept was to wrap the soap into the printed recycled paper for better product communication to the consumer. The paper wrap packaging had to deliver meggage across instantly, keeping the brand identity and product values. Paper packaging had to attract consumer with its look and aroma.